Yuri Arcurs Goes Direct With People Images

Photographer Yuri Arcurs launches peopleimages.com and starts direct sales


The world’s top selling stock photographer Yuri Arcurs has had enough with low commissions and launches his own direct sales platform to pave the way for other creatives.

As of today www.PeopleImages.com is officially out of beta testing mode and live! For years, the major stock agencies have been pushing commissions lower and lower, reaching an all time low of 15% last year making it almost impossible for photographers to gain profit from selling their images online. This can be seen in comparison to Apple’s iTunes store where the artists receive a 70% commission for their work. Furthermore, with the introduction of micro prices in 2005, the stock industry has been under enormous pressure and few photographers have been able to survive of their meager earnings.

With www.PeopleImages.com Danish born Yuri Arcurs has shown that it is possible to make it on your own and sell directly to your customers. His site introduces services that all other artists would be able to offer clients, but which agencies would have a problem providing: Custom retouching, image exclusivity options and the ability to request more images of a specific model or particular style.


Lee Torrens (stock photography journalist – microstockdiaries.com)
“With the launch of PeopleImages.com, the hard work and smart decisions of Yuri’s stock photography career come together in a lucrative business model that no other stock photographer is positioned to pull off.  What’s more, it pulls market power back from stock photo agencies who have been dropping photographer royalties for years.”

Jenan Mujkic (10 years experience in buying images online – sneezr.ca)

This site makes all other sites look like they are from the last century. Take note, PeopleImages.com just jumped a curve!”

Yuri Arcurs (Photographer, creator of PeopleImages.com)

“Very few people that buy images know how small a percentage of the actual sales price the artists receive. It’s a shame, because the small artists have a hard enough time already.”

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses