Fast Media Cannes Diary Starts Now

Next week it’s the Cannes Lions and Fast Media in collaboration with Reeldeal HD will be there for the full week finding out about the latest developments. Not only will we be reporting news from the festival, the events and the fringe but we are filming our very own Cannes Diary. Marco Oonk (Fast Media & Picturemedia) and Erwin de Boer (ReedealHD) will film impressions, interviews and small items from the festival from monday to saturday. We will go into the Palais to taste the atmosphere, see the entries and attend some of the key seminars. We will also attend some of the many events that are organised in and around the festival. Finally, we will give a taster of some of the parties and drinks that are taking place for the week.

Why do we do this? We believe that the photography business has been going through some fundamental changes over the past years and still sees disruptive technology and business models enter its marketplace on a regular basis. Combine this with the big  and ongoing copyright debate and the involvement of large communities of people communicating with, and about pictures and there is a volatile mix of events that is difficult to keep up with.

It is difficult for any one business to keep up with all this change and curate all the information that is available. This is one of the purposes of Fast Media Magazine; to inform about change, opportunity and disruption before it is too late. The Cannes Diary is a special event dedicated to digging deeper into innovation and ideas that will impact the creation and use of Photography, video, music and related content.

We plan to meet with the people that sell and license content, those that use it and find out what the latest thinking is from the big speakers at the event.

We start on friday the 15 of June with continuous coverage throughout next week. Do follow us in our effort to find out more about what the future holds for Photography, video, music and content in general.

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses