Masterfile Launches 50/50 Subscription

Masterfile Corporation, a stock image agency in Toronto, Canada, has launched a new $50 stock photo subscription that will get users 50 images.


Masterfile, a global leader in premium stock image licensing, has launched a Super Value collection of 1.7 million photos, illustrations and vectors available through a $50 subscription allowing 50 downloads per month (all file sizes). The images are not restricted to a daily quota: they can be downloaded at any point, as needed, during the term of the subscription. 3-month and 12-month options are also available.

The Super Value collection is crowdsourced from photographers and illustrators around the world, edited to a higher standard than most microstock collections and updated continuously.

Says Masterfile President, Steve Pigeon: “We listened to our customers and developed a product that reflects what they want, while allowing them to save 80% or more off the price of a standard subscription. This provides a tremendous value to small businesses in particular.

For high volume users, Masterfile also sells larger subscriptions from the same collection allowing 9 or 20 downloads per day (up to 600 downloads per month) at very competitive prices. All subscriptions can be purchased online

Masterfile continues to acquire and license exclusive rights-managed and premium royalty-free images for advertising, design and publishing in all commercial media. The 50/50 Subscription will extend Masterfile’s value proposition to satisfy clients at all points in the pricing continuum.

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses