Axiom Goes Into Administration, Design Pics Buys Assets

Axiom Photographic Agency Limited has ceased trading


Axiom Photographic Agency Limited ceased trading on September 20, 2012, and was subsequently placed into Voluntary Liquidation at a meeting of the shareholders on October 23, 2012 due to its inability to meet its obligations to creditors.
The Liquidator subsequently accepted an offer presented by Design Pics Inc., to purchase the assets of Axiom Photographic, which became effective October 25, 2012.  The business of Axiom Photographic will continue under the management of Tim Hook in Axiom’s London office as a division of Design Pics Inc. All web related activity will carry on using the existing URL of Design Pics has offered new contracts to Axiom Contributors which include a voluntary offer by Design Pics to recover any unpaid amounts owed by the original Axiom Photographic Agency Limited. This will be accomplished by way of additional commissions offered on new sales generated from the collection.
Design Pics offers its photographers a unique online facility whereby they can login to its management website and view their monthly sales and payment activities at any time. Design Pics has an extensive distribution network, and will immediately begin providing all available Axiom imagery to its industry partners, as well as those agencies already served by Axiom through its
existing channels.
During the prior twelve months, Design Pics has acquired First Light, a Canadian photo agency, Pacific Stock, an agency based in Hawaii, and most recently, Alaska Stock, a photo agency headquartered in Alaska.  In each instance, the Staff was retained and the sales people in each office are now able to offer their respective clients the Axiom imagery as well as all Design Pics’ RM and RF brands. “We look forward to working closely with Axiom photographers and clients to maintain and develop the Axiom brand as a continuing source of premium creative travel photography.” says Rick Carlson, President of Design Pics.
DesignPics Inc. is a leading provider and distributor of rights managed and royalty free creative imagery. Design Pics’ brands include: Alaska Stock, First Light, Pacific Stock, The Irish Image Collection, Axiom Photographic and Design Pics’ house RM and RF collections.

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses