Fotofringe 2013 Bookings Filling Up

Fotofringe, the anual stock photography event taking place in London is reporting that most of the tables have been booked up


Picture agencies: there are a very few tables left for fotofringe London 2013 so try and bag yours. Prices from £265 for a shared table without power to £450 for a dedicated table with power. Contact Flora on or 01732 863 939 for full details.
Professional picture users: simply the key people, face to face.  The single-day, annual networking event for professional image users & image suppliers. See full details about the event here including the stellar reviews from picture editors. And book your free ticket here

  • Central London in the award-winning Kings Place arts centre
  • 09.30-17.30: aim to book out the full day so you can see all you need of 90+ agencies.
  • And if you would like to find out how fotofringe might work for you, please email us or call 01732 863 939.

2013 exhibitors so far include new additions Eyevine, PA Photos, Shutterstock, Newscom, Creative Image Library, V&A Images, Historic Scotland Images, LAT Photographic, Demurez Cover Art, Royal Museums Greenwich, with more coming in daily.4Corners Images; Advertising Archives; AKG Images; Alamy; Arcaid Images; Arcticphoto; Ardea; Arenapal Performing Arts Library; Art Archive/Kobal; AWL Images; BlueGreen; Bridgeman Art Library; British Library Images Online; British Museum Images; Camera Press; Cody Images; Corbis Images; Eyevine; EWA Stock; Creative Image Library; Demurez Cover Art; Eye Ubiquitous; FLPA; Fotolibra; GAP Photos & Interiors; The Garden Collection; Garden World Images;  Getty Images; Global Warming Images; Heritage Images; Historic Scotland Images; Homer Sykes My British Archive; Ikon Images; LatitudeStock; LAT Photographic; Lebrecht Music & Arts; Living4Media; Loupe Images; Magnum Photos; Majority World; Mary Evans Picture Library; Mirrorpix; Narratives; National Geographic Stock; Natural History Museum; Nature Picture Library; Newscom; NI Syndication; Offside Sports Photography; PhotoCuisine UK; Photoshot; PA Photos; Phototake USA; plainpicture; Rex Features; RHS Images; Robert Harding World Imagery; Royal Museums Greenwich; RIA Novosti; Ronald Grant Archive; Royal Geographic Society; Scala Archives; Science Photo Library; Science & Society; Shutterstock; Skyscan; Sonia Halliday Photographs; Steve Bloom Images; Stockfood; Superstock; Tate Images;;; V&A Images; VIEW Pictures; Wellcome Images; WENN; Werner Forman Archive; Writer Pictures.

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses