Image Source Announces Increase In Photographer Royalty Rates To 60%

Imagesource is increasing its Royalty rates


Image Source, today announced further industry-leading innovation for photographers that combines significant investment in its creative community, added Art Direction across USA, Europe, Japan and Asia, elimination of all service fees to photographers, all backed by a special royalty rate for photographers of 60% in North America

Christina Vaughan, Image Source Chief Executive Officer commented “through our brands, Cultura and Image Source, we see that customers have a great appetite for premium images. As an industry, we want to see more quality imagery, we need to invest further in Photographers, we need to innovate. Image Source will lead the way.”

The royalty rate is one of the highest royalties in the industry, a significant move coming not from a start-up, but from an established brand combining an industry-leading international network as well as direct sales at “Each month we receive a very healthy quantity of imagery produced in Europe which our agents and their customers both love.  The merger of

Image Source and Cultura Creative has also highlighted an urgent need from our Agents for North American imagery produced with a fresh approach. To assist us in quickly taking advantage of this opportunity and building out our North American collections, we are delighted to offer a royalty rate of 60% for all imagery produced there and accepted between Dec 1st 2012 and through to Dec 31st 2013. The bonus royalty rate will apply for the lifetime of those images”, added Anthony Harris, the Group’s Chief Operating Officer.

The recent merger of Image Source and Cultura has created an opportunity to maximize and build on existing benefits for the photographer community which include delivering industryleading creative intelligence, to on-set art direction out of its European and US offices, to the ability to put photographers’ images in front of more buyers than any other company via an unmatched international network.

The move reflects the company’s dedication to industry innovation and photographic quality. “The increased royalty rate,” says Christina Vaughan, “reflects Image Source’s responsibility as one of the most respected and established stock brands in the world to create a virtuous circle of an active photographer community, industry leading photographer benefits, quality art direction, quality marketing and distribution. All this equates to greater value for our customers and agents, an investment in premium content and a greater return on investment for Photographers. It’s a win-win for all”.

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses