CEPIC Has A New Board

Cepic, the European association for Stock Photo Agencies has elected a new board at the annual conference that was held in Barcelona a few weeks ago. The new members are:

President is Alfonso Gutierrez (Spain/ AEAPAF/ Age Fotostock)
Vice president Edith Stier-Thompson (Germany/ BVPA/ Picture Allaince)
Treasurer Stefan Wittwer (Switzerland/ SAB/ Prisma)

Committee members at large are:
John Balean (UK/ BAPLA/ TopFoto)
Pieter Doormann (Netherlands/ NL Images/ ImageSelect)
Anders Lusth (Sweden/ SBF/ Johner Bildbyra)
Véronique Martingay (France/ SNAPIG/ La Collection)
Lars Modie (Sweden/ BLF/ IBL

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses