PACA Relaunches With New Website

Industry association PACA has announced their relaunch. The relaunch comes with a new tagline and a brand new website. PACA says on their blog: ‘PACA has taken steps to make itself more accessible to its members.’

PACA says it’s recognising changes in the industry and plans to adapt to these changes by opening membership to a wider range of content owners. On the blog the organisation writes:

‘Lastly, a topic we have discussed previously; we are making the shift to PACA, The Digital Media Licensing Association. The Picture Archive Council of America has served us well, but we all agree that it does not accurately reflect today’s industry and membership. We hope that this, combined with the updated website and new blog, will succeed in keeping PACA relevant.

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses