A picture is worth a thousand words – and $100M: Depositphotos founder Dmitry Sergeev speaks to inventures.eu

By Anthony


Just four years after launching Depositphotos in Kiev, Dmitry Sergeev has grown his stock photography startup into a global company, on track to be valued at 100 million dollars by the end of this year. Despite skepticism in 2009 that the microstock market was too saturated and already dominated by US-based giants like Shutterstock and GettyImages, the 36-year-old Russian-born entrepreneur quickly became a competitor for the Big 5 with his business acumen and global approach.

Depositphotos founder Dmitry Sergeev | Photo credit: Dmitry Sergeev

Jet-setting between New York and Kiev with plans to dominate the 2-billion-dollar photo stock market within …read more

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