Some 2013 Alamy statistics for you

By James Allsworth – Content Executive

As we dust ourselves off from the end of year festivities, we thought it’d be good to have a look over the statistics for 2013. Here are the headlines!

Customer Services

  • Number of customer emails answered: 43,800
  • Average response time for image requests: 16 mins
  • Average response time for all customer emails: 36 mins
  • Number of phone calls to Customer Services: 9,633


  • Number of images added: 9.28 million
  • Quality Control pass rate: 98.5%
  • Number of contributor emails answered: 26,797
  • Average response time for contributor emails: 1 hr 23 mins
  • Money paid out to photographers: USD $12.2 million

Thanks to all of you who’ve contributed to these stats. We’re continually driven …read more

Via: Alamy contributors


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