Ezequiel Pini: TEN S2 Contest Winner!

By dinahhillsdon

Ezequiel Pini

Ezequiel Pini has been announced as the talented winner of Fotolia’s TEN S2 contest – congratulations, Ezequiel!

We caught up with the Buenos Aires -based artist to ask about himself, the contest, his entry, and more…

Fotolia: Hi, Ezequiel – and congratulations! Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Ezequiel Pini: My name is Ezequiel Pini, I’m from Buenos Aires in Argentina, and I am a 2012 graphic design graduate from the University of Buenos Aires.

I first began working as a programmer, then moved into a Web Design, and then I moved into animation and motion graphics, but at the moment I’m …read more

Via: Fotolia


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