Art Producers Speak: Josh DeHonney

By A Photo Editor

I love radio, and I love New York.  So shooting Ty Bentli of CBS 92.3 all around the city was a great commission.  Ty was new to the city but felt very at home there, and we wanted to convey that.  We had planned to take that standard picture of him waiting for the train as it rushed by, shutter open.  As we waited, I turned the camera away from him and for a moment he relaxed and leaned on the pole naturally.

We emailed Art Buyers and Art Producers around the world asking them to submit names of established photographers who were keeping it fresh and up-and-comers who they are keeping their eye on. If you are an Art Buyer/Producer or an Art Director at an agency and want to submit a photographer anonymously for this column email:

Anonymous Art Buyer: I nominate Josh DeHonney. I’m a big fan of his work. One of our favorite portrait photographers who is exceedingly nice guy who I praise his humbleness when he is praised for his craft.

I love radio, and …read more

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