This Week on Microstock: Ask Alamy, 13,000 EyeEm Images on Getty, Getty at Cannes, PACA 2014 Conference Registration, What’s New in Photoshop and more

By Amos Struck


What questions do you want to Alamy’s CEO?

Want to know why they’re so excited about Stockimo? Or how their creative strategy is coming along? This is an opportunity to voice your feelings and get an honest answer from the man at the top. Ask your question here now!

13,000 EyeEm images selling on Getty!

EyeEm Image for License at Getty Images

A new batch of photos from The EyeEm Collection at Getty Images is already on sale starting July 4, 2014. This batch brings the total images from contributors to 13,000 and new shots will be added weekly! <a target=_blank …read more

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