Who Owns a Monkey Selfie & Special Guest Stuart Palley – #ILovePhoto Chat, August 8, 2014

By Sarah Jacobs


This week Allen Murabayashi and I have a special guest, LA-based photographer Stuart Palley to talk about his beautiful photos of wildfires at night. But wait, there’s more! Including much ado about monkey selfies and the legality around copyright ownership when non-humans are involved.

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1:23 Stuart Palley’s sublime wildfire photos
14:40 Tyler Hicks looks for the enduring photo in Gaza
18:44 Kenneth Jarecke’s war photo no one would publish
20:35 Gharabli Ahmad’s five years of the Israel-Palestine conflict
22:18 Lindsey Villatoro’s Stillborn child portraits
26:00 NJ Cop: Constitutional right to take pictures …read more

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