This Week on Microstock: The ‘Positives’ of Microstock, CRIB’s Stroll on Shutterstock Office, Shutterstock’s CEO Speech to Graduates, ArtsyStock, DACS Payback Scheme, Monkey Selfie and more

By Amos Struck


The ‘Positives’ of Being into Microstock

There has been a certain number of feedbacks recently from microstock contributors complaining that their sales are low or close to nothing at all. Some don’t even get accepted to microstock agencies right away. Photographers have doubts whether they can earn a living out of selling stock pictures or do they just waste their time and resources on shooting images that don’t sell at all.

A poll on MicrostockGroup has been recently opened for contributors to answer the question, “Do you feel there are positives than negatives in this business?” On a happy note, …read more

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