“Individuality in the Future”: The Contest

By dinahhillsdon


Win fantastic prizes by challenging this month’s collaborative design duo!

There are two aspects to the competition: one for photographers, the other for graphic designers.

Photography Contest:

Take a photo and challenge Mikel Muruzabal, September’s TEN photographer by taking a photo based on the Contest theme: ”Individuality in the Future

Graphic Design Contest

Challenge September’s TEN digital artist Christophe Huet by creating a PSD file based on the same theme: “Individuality in the Future“.

The lucky winners of the two contests will receive an amazing array of prizes including:

Design Contest

  • 1 x Wacom Intuos Pro M tablet
  • 1 x Adobe Creative Cloud 3 month subscription
  • 1 x Roland …read more

    Via: Fotolia


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