Danny Clinch’s new book & Flickr’s 20 Under 20 – #ILovePhoto Ep. 33

By Allen Murabayashi

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This week: Iranian photography Newsha Tavakolian tells rich patron Edouard Carmignac to take back his 50,000 euro prize to protect her artistic integrity, Flickr announces its inaugural 20 under 20 list, and a $19,500 Leica with no screen??!?

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0:30 Luminance Talks at Photoville
2:00 Newsha Tavakolian returns 50,000 euro prize to maintain artistic vision
4:58 Ashley Gilbertson takes photos of a video game
8:05 Ashley Gilbertson’s fallen soldier’s bedrooms
10:32 The Washington Post launches a photo blog
12:57 Danny Clinch’s Still Moving …read more

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