This Week on Microstock: Exclusive Talk with Robb Crocker, 5 Ways to Get Most Out Of Shutterstock App, Interview with Martin McCarthy, Alamy in Australia, Envato Photo Contest and Photoshop Flames Filter

By Amos Struck


An Exclusive Talk with Robb Crocker

Shutterstock in partnership with ProductionHUB conducted an exclusive free event in their Empire State Building office last October 23 featuring videographer and the author of Stock Footage Millionaire, Robb Crocker.

Robb is based in Portland, Oregon and he produced and directed commercials for popular brands like Nike, Microsoft and HP before starting stock footage. From a single $2 sale in 2007, Robb together with his team built Uberstock, a library of high-quality HD video stock footage with more than 70,000 purchases, about $7 million in revenue and over $2.7 million …read more

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