The Most Expensive Photo in the World (or the Best Marketing Stunt)

By Allen Murabayashi

Andreas Gursky's Rhine II sold for $4.2m - the most expensive photo ever.

The airways and Internet tubes have been filled with news that Peter Lik has sold a black and white photo of Antelope Canyon for a record setting $6.5 million, raising eyebrows amongst many photographers. This tops the previous record holder, Andreas Gursky, by nearly $2.2m.

Andreas Gursky’s Rhine II sold for $4.2m – the most expensive (verified) photo ever.

As with his 2010 piece, One, the purported sale was to a private collector, and therefore there was no way to verify the claim. Rumors have swirled for years that Lik’s investors “buy” his works at absurd prices as a marketing stunt to …read more

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