11 Awe-Inspiring Quotes from David Burnett, Joe McNally, Ami Vitale & More

By Deborah Block

Photo by Art Wolfe

In need of some inspiration for your photo business? In our most recent guide, The Inspiration Handbook: 50 Tips from 50 Photography Trailblazers, we interviewed 50 award-winning photographers, recognized photo editors, and leading industry experts who share their best advice to help you grow your photo business, market your work, embrace personal projects, and reach the clients you want. We’ve compiled 11 of our favorite quotes from the guide, including insights from David Burnett, Joe McNally, Ami Vitale, David duChemin, Brooke Shaden, Peter Yang, and more. Have a favorite in the list?

1. David Burnett, Photojournalist

“As an …read more

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