Depositphotos + Digital Decade = 3 years of partnership

By Aleksei

Знімок екрана 2015-06-25 15.03.45

Designcollector is a project dedicated to digital culture. Its main interests are art, design, illustration, photography and new music. The Digital Decade is an ongoing annual collaborative project lead by Designcollector Network and OFFF Festival with and exclusive partnership with Despositphotos company. Started in 2013 as digital artists collaboration dedicated to the 10th Anniversary of Designcollector Blog it gained a good response and continues nowadays on an annual basis.

The latest collaboration of 2015 is dedicated to “His Majesty The Glitch”. An obligatory term for all participants was to use the photos from Depositphotos.

It was an intensive few months we prepared …read more

Via: Deposit Photos


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