Raymond Cauchetier’s Nouvelle Vague: “Artists are creators. I am a witness.”

By Tom Seymour

Still from A Bout de Souffle (Champs-Elysees) © Raymond Cauchetier, courtesy James Hyman Gallery, London

“I’m famous here for Nouvelle Vague photographs but far more famous in Indochina for pictures like these,” Raymond Cauchetier says, gesturing to two pictures taken during his time in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.

They are the only ones in the James Hyman’s Mayfair gallery that give us a glimpse of the other side of Cauchetier’s photographic career.

At 95 yeard old,Cauchetier has travelled to London for the first time to mark his 95th birthday, and to witness the opening of his first ever solo show in the city.

Cauchetier has become synonymous with French cinema’s iconic 1960s movement Nouvelle Vague thanks to his …read more

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