Harry Gruyaert: “There is no story. It’s just a question of shapes and light”

By Brennavan Sritharan

Kerala, India, 1989. © 2015 Harry Gruyaert / Magnum Photos

“There is no story. It’s just a question of shapes and light,” Harry Gruyaert says. The storied Magnum photographer is notoriously reluctant to share how he creates his celebrated photography.

As one of the first European photographers to take advantage of the creative potential colour photography held, Gruyaert rarely follows received wisdom — as seen in the first English-language monograph of Gruyaert’s work, published by Thames & Hudson and offering a comprehensive retrospective of his career.

While American photographers such as William Eggleston and Stephen Shore were eagerly embracing the new possibilities of colour, many photographers in Europe of …read more

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