Boys in the corner: where grime, Britain’s hardest music subculture, came from

By Brennavan Sritharan

Jammer (centre, in focus) and his producers, Leytonstone. 2005

It’s 2012 and in East London, the long-awaited Olympic Games are underway. Stratford, home to the new £537 million Olympic stadium, the Olympic Park and Westfield shopping centre, is heaving. Tourist money pours in. London, the UK and the world beyond, gets into the spirit of celebration.

Simon Wheatley is in a living room in Maryland, a poor residential area less than a mile away from the Olympic Village. He’s recording this moment in time through the eyes of Chronik, a veteran grime MC.

Through a haze of smoke, Chronik talks about the challenges of raising his family: “Now you want …read more

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