Introducing a brand new professional system camera from Leica, set to go head to head with Canon, Nikon and Sony

By Simon Bainbridge

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Crowning a glittering reception at Leica’s HQ in Wetzlar, attended by BJP in late October, the German maker unveiled a brand-new professional camera system, the SL.

The first arrivals, the SL (Typ 601), which BJP had exclusive access to a week before the launch, and the first of three new new dedicated lenses, were due to go on sale in mid-November, aiming to compete directly with Canon, Nikon and Sony’s top-end, SLR action cameras.

Employing a 24-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor “optimised for all Leica lenses”, the spec is focused on delivering speed, giving 11fps at full resolution in raw and JPEG, autofocus …read more

Via: BJP


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