New monochrome at the Jerwood/Photoworks Awards 2015

By Diane Smyth

Devil's Table © Tereza Zelenkova, Jerwood/Photoworks Awards 2015

“It’s a new approach to photography!” says Tereza Zelenkova of the inaugural Jerwood/Photoworks Awards, which features three emerging photographers, all of whom shoot in black-and-white.

She’s joking, but it’s striking – but what’s even more striking is how differently they’ve all used it.

Zelenkova’s project, shot in her native Czech Republic, takes a sombre, somehow sinister look at the local landscape, objects and people; Joanna Piotrowska’s work, on the other hand, recreates poses from self-defence manuals in delicate, subtly modulated tones. Matthew Finn, meanwhile, shows images of his mother shot over the very long term; the most straight in style, they nonetheless …read more

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