Inside The Danish School of Media and Journalism – the global incubator of great photojournalists

By Tom Seymour

Europe, Denmark, Hampen Sø: Emmy is on a trip with her brother Kristian and her Grandmother. After playin in the forest for a while she cools down her feet in the lake. She looks through the clear water on the ground of the lake and explores the water very slowly.

“I remember my time at there as intense. It was hard work, and we experimented a lot, but I also remember having a lot of fun and being constantly immersed in photography, says award-winning photojournalist Laerke Posselt of his time the Danish School of Media and Journalism in Aarhus, Denmark. “Because of the tough application process, the ones who get in are students who really want it, who worked for it, and who have the drive it takes.”

Year in and year out, this small school on the east coast of Jutland has produced more prize-winning photojournalists than any other …read more

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