5 Insider Secrets Every Photographer Should Know About Marketing in 2017

Via Deposit photos. Does it seem like every newbie with a DSLR is trying to become a professional photographer?

They took a few photos on their iPhone, edited it in Instagram and their best friend said they should be a photographer. So they dropped some money on a new camera, got a logo made on Fiverr, made a Facebook page…

And they’re coming for you.

So either:

  1. You’re the newbie reading this and using the guide that follows to send your business and revenue into the stratosphere


  1. You’re the veteran using this guide to keep the young bucks at bay.

I’ve been running multiple businesses online for over half a decade and I’ve seen what it takes to build and grow a business using online marketing. After working with a ton of clients (photographers who needed help with their marketing), I’ve seen 5 things that every successful photographer is implementing.

Every single photographer that is crushing it and building an even stronger photography business this year is doing these five things:

1. They Invest in a Good Website

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